Mt Stanley, February 2015

Met at Broadford headed towards Beechworth. Did some tracks, nothing was lining up on maps but eventually made camp after some detours. Spent the evening drinking wine and nibbling on food. In the morning found that we were camping amongst goldmines. Sat in the river during day quite relaxing and had a good time. Packed up Sunday, and had some rain on Saturday night which kept dust down the next day. Some good driving tracks then headed to Yackandandah, then on towards Mt Stanley with perfect weather conditions. Then made the trip home.

Setting off - the young lads The older lads Mt Stanley Andi River Crossing Camp at Mt Stanley Camp at Mt Stanley Paul river crossing

High Country Trip – January 2015

Started trip in bright, the guys did the blue rag trip that afternoon; quite busy. Once at the summit everybody left and they had it to themselves. On the way back towards Talbotville stayed there the first night, perfect weather. Left Talbotville and went up Cynthia Range track to try and find a hut. Then headed onto Billy Goats Tk, which had some good driving though Richard was getting hung up a few times. Got to the summit and on to the Pinnacles. Tried to see a few huts, some were more difficult than others and then stayed at Mitchells Flat for the night. Was a good trip had by all.

Blue Rag Tk Blue Rag Range Trig point  View from trig point Trucks on Blue Rag Paul - Richie Road near Talbotville Suspension bridge On top of Billy Goats Bluff Billy Goat Bluff Track Jamieson - Licola Rd