Wonnangatta/Talbotville, March 2015

Simon and Mark met at Broadford, headed to Benalla then over to Myrtleford and down to Abbeyard for lunch. A few cars out on the roads/tracks. Followed East Buffalo Track, onto Shultzes Tk, up to Mt Selwyn and could see burning off in the Wonnangatta Valley. Down Wombat Spur and encounterd a interesting water crossing exit at Humpffray River. Got into Wonnangatta around 5 o’clock and made camp. Nice quite spot. David made it to camp 12:30am.

Next day had a look at the cemetery and site of the old homestead. A lot of traffic on the tracks going up Hernes Spur. Followed Cynthia Range dropped down to Talbotville around midday to meet up with Matt & Waz. Found a perfect camp spot and made camp. Then went for a drive in the afternoon up to Bulltown and the Crooked River track where Wazza had done his first 15 or so water crossings.

Next day packed up early and headed up South Basalt Knob Track. Got up to Blue Rag, met with a beautiful view but no real 4×4 challenge. Then headed home via Bright, Myrtleford and the Hume Fwy.