O’Tooles – March 2016

Labour Day long weekend, we had six cars in total attend the trip. Some decided to drive up on Friday afternoon despite terrible traffic through the city. Got into camp about 7:30 on sunset. In the morning went to Mt Useful and could here the second group coming up on the UHF. Others joined next morning around 11-12:00. Went around base of Trig Track went back to camp had dinner and did a night run up Steep Track, got back around 9:30pm. Next day went down to the store and up Army Track. Made way over to Deep Creek No. 1, got to the top and looked at Deep Creek 2 but the track was blocked off. Found another track onto Deep Creek 5. Went from 350m elevation up to 700m. Then headed back towards camp. Two vehicles left and one vehicle on the way out had to winch. Then everyone had an easy drive home.